Windmills in Bogdanci soon will produce “green” electricity

All 16 in the first wind park for wind power plants located in Ranavec – Bogdanci are fully completed and the activities for its connection to the electricity network MEPSO are currently in full swing. As they say of “Macedonian Power Plants” (ELEM) soon this capital power plant, the first of its kind in the country will be ready to enter trial production of electricity and regular production of so-called green energy at the end of May or early June.






It will be followed by a period of testing the performance of the complete technical equipment. At the same time, will start paving the complete infrastructure for horticultural activities in the area around the windmills. In accordance with the schedule for work, this upcoming spring capacity will enter into regular production of electricity – say from ELEM and remind us that the process of editing and was preceded by an extremely complex operation of transport of the components for the windmills.

PVE Bogdanci with 16 wind power plants is expected to deliver at least 100 gigawatt - hours of sustained natural energy, which annually, is enough to supply 60,000 households of citizens in the country.

- At the same time, they will increase the installed capacity of ELEM to 36.8 megawatt -hours. This project will increase the share of renewable sources in the production of our company – say from ELEM.

According to them, only the parts for one windmill to be transported from Thessaloniki port to the location were deployed in a dozen large trucks, which formed convoy of more than a mile. The total weight of all components that make up a wind turbine exceeds 330 tons.

The company informed that the turbines are produced by Siemens –Denmark and are among the best ones in its class. The installed capacity of each is 2.3 MW, the height of the pillar is 84 meters and the diameter of the propeller equals 93 meters.

The project is worth 55.5 million euro, loan from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW Bank in the amount of 47.9 million euro, while 7.6 million euro is already provided by ELEM’s own funds.

After the start and production of electricity from wind, in Macedonia will be significantly increased the production of energy from renewable sources, which by 2020 should reach 20 % of total production. At the moment it reaches 13.7 % of total electricity production in the country.

The energy investment company ELEM in the past few years is in the considerable progress. Precisely for these reasons, as stated in the Report on the done work by the Government led by VMRO – DPMNE and coalition partners for 2011-2014, currently the long-term interest for Republic of Macedonia is ELEM not be sold and to remain fully state - owned.