Transferring Our Experiences: Recommendations for European Decision-makers

A very intense stakeholder engagement process has taken place in the eight participating countries of the RE-SEEties project, in order to evaluate and compare enabling policy conditions with local practice of resource efficiency in urban communities. The local stakeholder process, with more than 40 meetings and 700 participating governmental representatives, as well as actors from the business sector, academia and civil society, was complemented by exchanges with European expert perspectives.

The result is a comprehensive package of policy recommendations that addresses the inter-linkage of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of resource efficiency. The document highlights the most effective and important policy instruments identified in RE-SEEties’ stakeholder meetings and complemented by good practice found throughout the EU. The report provides a summarised overview of policy recommendations on resource efficiency relevant to political and technical decision-makers of all governmental levels – local, regional, national and European.

The EU-level Policy Recommendations on Resource Efficiency is available in the ’Document center’ of the RE-SEEties website.