From the sunshine to the heat of our home - Renewable Energy Expo

The exposition with the title "From the sunshine to the heat of our home" was organized by Harghita County Council - Energy Management Agency, between 11 and 12 of April, in the same time with the spring fair of traditional products. At the ground floor of the Council's building the exposition was open between 8 and 17 o'clock, where the visitors could look at solar collectors, biomass boilers, infrapanels and could ask their questions regarding the energy efficiency of their homes.

The aim of the event was to introduce the local companies interested in renewable energies with the locals, as well as to introduce their products and services. At this time, Romwald, Melinda Impex, Cazantech, Oxo and a Passive House Association were present.

The costs of the fair were covered by the Energy Management Agency of the County Council from the RESEEties project.