RE-SEEties gathers interest at international scientific conference

On Friday 11th October, the RE-SEEties project was given the opportunity to be presented to the scientific audience of the 6th International Scientific Conference of the PROMITHEASnet, titled “Energy and Climate Change”. The conference was held in Athens in the neoclassical “Kostis Palamas” university building. The third day of the conference was devoted to Projects and Programs. Numerous projects were presented in the session, followed by interesting discussions and valuable and promising interactions between the participants. 

On behalf of the RE-SEEties project, Mr Christos Nakos gave a presentation based mainly on the overall structure and the goals of the project, while he also outlined some of the projects’ initial outcomes. In particular, he spoke about the notion of resource efficiency, which forms the backbone of the project. He also highlighted the emerging role of local authorities in the wider global context of combating climate change regarding the adoption and adaption of national environmental policies at the local level. The objectives and methodology of RE-SEEties were also explained to the participants, who appeared particularly interested in the expected outcomes of the project. Similar projects were also presented in the session and significant knowledge and information were exchanged. More than promising was the interest of participants outside the EU region, which demonstrates the significance of the project capitalization, while it also highlights the potential for future collaboration at international level.