Raising Awareness and Changing Behaviour: Towards Resource Efficiency

Behaviour change is of central importance in bringing about significant reductions in energy use and reduction of waste. Although in most cases this issue is often treated separately and secondary to technological development, this was certainly not the case in the RE-SEEties project. Partner cities developed a set of behavior-changing instruments within their Local Strategies and Action Plans, and also conducted intensive local awareness raising campaigns covering the project’s main themes: energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste.

The awareness raising campaigns were performed between April and September 2014 in all of the eight RE-SEEties cities. The campaigns were directed at a wide range of stakeholders, including: citizens, local governments, public utility companies, small and medium enterprises and scholars of all ages.

The campaigns were carried out using common visual tools and images which could be used in various formats and for different purposes, such as: posters, T-shirts, advertisements, Facebook covers, stickers, roll-ups etc. The activities organized by the project partners were also manifold: exhibitions, school competitions, local energy days, and conferences were held. All cities took advantage of the local media, having had several TV interviews, articles, and advertisements.

The campaigns have proven to be a great success, reaching more than 650 thousand people in the South East European region, educating local communities and citizens on resource efficiency, and surpassing the modest initial targets of 12 thousand people.

The common methodology of the campaigns was developed through Energiaklub, the partner organization responsible for communication activities of the project.