National Action "Macedonia without waste 2013"

Almost all municipalities across the country were implementing the second national campaign "Macedonia without waste 2013" as part of a global action "Lets'do it! World 2013", supported by the European Parliament, which includes 107 countries worldwide. The main message in this year event was that the waste will not go away by itself, but requires joint and coordinated action, to encourage civil activism and awareness and habits of proper waste management.

The central event was held in Skopje, and the wild landfill under the railway on the st. "Third Macedonian Brigade" in Prolet neighborhood was cleaned. The event was attended by the Minister and Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Abdilaqim Ademi and Stevo Temelkoski, mayors of Skopje and the Municipality of Aerodrom, Trajanovski and Ivica Konevski and support was provided by representatives of the Cabinet of the President Ivanov, representatives of the diplomatic corps and parliament representatives.

The action "Macedonia without waste 2013" includes specific actions, educational workshops and promotion of healthy and environmentally friendly modes of behavior and treatment of waste. According to Minister Ademi, these activities should continue throughout the year in order to achieve real results and to delete the ugly photo of scattered waste.
The last year action "Macedonia without waste" collected 60,000 cubic meters of waste over 340 locations in 54 municipalities.