Energy projects in Municipality of Egaleo

The Municipality of Egaleo is actively involved in energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and environmental issues. This period the Municipality has two ongoing projects.

The first one concerns the public swimming pool of Egaleo which is going to be upgraded. Construction works will start soon and will include the installation of waterproofing (in order to save water from leakages) and of an isothermal cover to reduce heat loss. These interventions will lead to energy savings and prevent heat loss from the water due to evaporation. The project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2013.

The second project regards four proposals, submitted for funding to the EPPERAA (Operational Programme, Environment and Sustainable Development) by the City of Egaleo, under the title 'Configuration of Green Roofs' in 4 municipal day nurseries. The proposals have successfully passed the evaluation stage, as of 05/09/2013 (documents numbered 469, 470,471 & 472 of CRES EPPERAA) and once the approval decision is received, the municipality will start the implementation of the project.

The following creches are involved: 2nd nursery (NINAS VETETI-Minoos & Prometheus st), 3rd nursery (National Resistance & Iasiou st), 4th nursery (Boumpoulinas & Santa Barbara st) and 5th nursery (Doriou & Anageniseos st). The total approved budget for the project is 532,415.88€, divided respectively in - 161,787.40€, 186,699.41€, 77194.53€ and 106 734.54€ among each of the above mentioned crèches. The energy studies for the project have been already completed.